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In this overview you will find projects/pages in which Cisco has been fully or only partially involved. The purpose of this reference is so that others can find out where Cisco has worked and what he did there. The whole thing also has a great side effect: advertising! The reference usually only refers to projects/pages that are publicly accessible. If you are an owner/participant of one of the projects/pages mentioned and would like the relevant entries removed, please let Cisco know and they will remove the entries.


Atmosfachshop is your ATMOS specialist shop for Germany and contact for service work on all Atmos boilers. Sales through Atmosfachshop are made to private customers, specialist craftsmen or specialist retailers. Atmosfachshop is also happy to advise consumers and operators of Atmos boilers.



Former employee.


Evil Hosting Network

Free web hosting from Cisco. Part of this server. Currently not in public operation!



Multigaming-Community: Die Freiwildjäger

URL: https://freiwildjä

Hostile Space Revived

Hostile Space Revived is an MMORPG (role-playing game) that takes place in a hostile galaxy. Players are in the role of a spaceship captain. Main objectives are planetary exploration, mining, hunting, smuggling goods and eliminating enemy spaceships. There are different races and classes available in the game.

Cisco is still involved in this project in many areas today.


Hilfe und Service von EDV-Fachleuten

“Hilfe und Service von EDV-Fachleuten” (HuSvEDVF) is a service company for IT systems and IT technology. The team repairs computers, programs customized software for the customer, and offers training on many topics. There are many articles on hardware, software, programming, business, etc. on the homepage. If you have any problems with your technology, you are welcome to call them. The homepage is constantly updated and expanded. It's recommended to stop by now and then.



The hosting backend of this server. No visual feedback except for domain parking of unused domains!