Aufwand nach Techniker - Cisco211

With "Aufwand nach Techniker" (translates to "Effort by Technician") you can create, edit and print quotes and invoices. The program was developed in C++ with wxWidgets for Windows. It is portable, which means it requires no installation and also runs directly from a USB stick. The program currently only supports the German language and only the rules for invoices in the DACH area. It is constantly being improved and adapted to current circumstances.


You can find a detailed description of the program here (only in German): Abrechnung mit Aufwand nach Techniker

The program can also be tried out and purchased, you can find out more here: Shop

Development time up to 1.0
~1 Year
Development tools used
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
MSBuild v140 compiler with Windows 8.1 SDK
Visual Studio Code