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C!$C0^211, cisco211, Cisco or 211^
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1986-10-18, Sa.
Halle (Saale)
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Computer languages
Language Skill Description Comment
Adobe Flash 0 Not in use, dead language.
AutoIT 4 Good for small Windows GUI programs or windows automation programs.
BASH 3 Bourne-again shell My favorite shell scripting language on Linux.
Blitz Basic 1 Not in use, the worst BASIC like language for game programming.
C++ 3 Currently, my most favorite programming language, used for cross-platform purposes, game programming and everything that must be ultra-fast.
C# 3 C-Sharp Easy to learn, very much the same as Java, but allows things that are forbidden in Java.
CSS 3 Cascading Style Sheets The number one for content styling on webpages.
Delphi 1 This language is a pure time waste, because of its licensing model.
GLSL 1 OpenGL Shading Language I'm using this to create post-processing shaders for games.
HLSL 0 High Level Shading Language Very similar to GLSL, but for DirectX and not cross-platform.
INI 5 INItialization file My favorite configuration format, easy to read, easy to use, easy to process (Wrote libraries for this in few programming languages).
Java 3 This is the language I can recommend to anyone who wants to learn programming.
JS 4 JavaScript This is the best language I know, f.e. stuff like this is possible:
<code>function(){return function(){return true;};}();</code>
JSON 5 JavaScript Object Notation This data format is my first choice, because it has a very small structural overhead and can be processed by JavaScript directly.
MongoDB 2 A scheme-free, document oriented NoSQL database system.
MySQL 3 Most common relational database system.
PHP 4 PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor That's what I use for website programming, when HTML, CSS, and JavaScript isn't enough. It's the first language I've learned to program.
Postgres 0 PostgreSQL This is an object relational database system I want to learn in the future, because it seems to combine the advantages of SQL and NoSQL.
Rust 2 C was the language from the past 40 years, Rust will be the language for the next 40 years.
SQLite 4 Very much the same as MySQL, but ultraportable, because it's just one file.
TOML 1 Tom's Obvious Minimal Language The INI format on steroids.
Windows Batch 4 Most chaotic and confusing syntax i know from a non-esoteric scripting language.
(x)HTML 5 (Extensible) Hypertext Markup Language Website development from HTML4 up to HTML5.
XML 5 Extensible Markup Language When I can do HTML, I can also do XML. I don't like it, because of its structural inefficiency.
XPath 3 XML Path Language This allows me to select XML content similar to how I select styles with CSS.
XSLT 3 XSL Transformation If I want to display XML data in a human-readable format (f.e. as Webpage), I will use XSLT.
XSPF 4 XML Shareable Playlist Format My favorite data format to describe music playlists.
YAML 4 YAML Ain't Markup Language The data format I use when human readability and usability stays on foreground.
Programming concepts
Concept Skill Description Comment
AJAX 3 Asynchronous JavaScript and XML This concept allows me to program interactive websites.
DRY principle 4 Don't repeat yourself A principle that just means, don't repeat the same code over and over again.
Infinite Monkey Formulars 5 A simple concept that avoids refilling a whole web form again, when anything of the input is invalid.
Aspect oriented programming 3 Often using that concept to do error logging in very complex programs.
Functional programming 2 Good for sorting data, to separate things into smaller pieces.
Header Input Process Output 3 One of many conventions, how you can document your program code. Not very modern but very verbose.
HIPO model 3 Hierarchy Plus Input−Process−Output Used to describe or document complex logic in a graphical diagram.
KISS principle 3 Keep it simple stupid A principle that just means, to keep things as simple as possible.
MVC pattern 4 Model View Controller Concept to plan and structure big programs that must be very maintainable and extensible.
Modular programming 4 A way of structuring bigger projects.
Object-oriented programming 4 OOP Works very well in almost all projects.
Procedural programming 4 Good for small projects.
Reddick Naming Convention 3 A very good variable naming convention that includes the data type. Today I only use it to name GUI variables.
RegExp 3 Regular Expression This is a very mighty tool to f.e. find patterns or to validate the structural correctness in text.
Recursion 4 That's what I do, when i f.e. display the tree structure of a file system directory.
Test driven development 3 TDD Simply means every code piece also has test code to validate the functionality and correctness.
Uniform Resource Identifier 4 URI Describes f.e. the structure of web addresses.
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