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Die Verbindung zum Server ist verschlüsselt!


This page has been marked as deprecated. This means that this page may break (stop working) soon. Reason for this is the case that a lot of new features has been added to the API. This page is already reaching technical limits, because its drawing everything into one page, so just wait a bit when your browser hangs around. A new page called "AccountExplorer" is already work in progress. The new page will have the new features and a better tolerance to missing APIKey-Permissions.


Auf dieser Seite kannst du Informationen über deinen Guild Wars 2® Account abrufen.
Das funktioniert völlig anonym via Javascript, keiner der geladenen Informationen werden permanent gespeichert.

Wo bekomme ich meinen API-Key her? Klicke hier, um dich bei ArenaNet anzumelden und erstelle deinen eigenen API-Key!


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